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ESTATE PLANNING - Jeff Steen's law office provides Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning services for the Tulsa and Wagoner metroplexes.  What will happen if I die or become disabled?  How can I avoid Probate?  Will my children have to pay inheritance taxes?  Who will get my property when I die?  We can answer all these questions and more, and work with you to make sure that your wishes will be accomplished if you do become disabled or die.  Call for an appointment today.

WILLS and TRUSTS - Do I need a Will or a Trust?  Or both?  What are the advantages or disadvantages of both?  Are there other types of documents that can accomplish the same thing?  We would be glad to explain it all to you so you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

PROBATE - We are in Probate Court almost every week. Let us put your mind at ease if you have to administer your loved one's estate.  We'll do all the legal work for you, and wind up the affairs as quickly as posssible, without dragging things out unnecessarily.

REAL ESTATE (sales, tltles, leases) -  One of the cheapest insurance policies you will ever purchase is a title opinion.  If you are buying a house or land, let us review the abstract for you and make sure there are no liens, judgments or mortgages against the property the current owner "just forgot about."  We'll make sure there are no problems with your title, at a much more reasonable cost than title insurance policies.

SMALL BUSINESS (organization, contracts) -  Protect yourself from personal liability!  Going into business or buying someone else's business?  Is an LLC or a Sub-S Corporation better?  What's the difference between the two?  What do I need to do to be fully registered and protected? We know the answer!

COLLECTIONS, including mortgage foreclosure


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